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Things You Should Know about Blocked Eustachian Tube

Your health might be one of the most essential things in your life. You need to maintain your health properly so that you could do your daily activities and prevent yourself from several health problems. There are various types of health problem that might occur to your body. Some of them might cause bigger problems and need to be treated very carefully. One of the most common health problems is blocked eustachian tube which is occurring on your ear. Eustachian tube is the tube that connects your nose and your middle ear. This ear problem might be caused by infection, cold, or allergies. The eustachian tube that is blocked might interrupt your hearing. The sounds that you hear will be muffled and this ear problem also could cause several extreme cases of ear pain. However, like any other health problems, there is a solution for this condition.

Clear the Blockage of Eustachian Tube

To solve problems caused by blocked eustachian tube, you could do these steps. First you need to inhale deeply and pinch your nostrils using your fingers. Then you need to close your mouth and blowing the air to force it through your nose. The next step that you could do is yawn deeply. This action will allow the eustachian tube to open up temporarily which will cause the decreasing of pressure that occurs on your ear. This ear problem also could be solved by drinking fluids in large amount. When you swallow the fluids, the muscle movements that occur might help you in clearing your eustachian tube. This muscle movement might be improved by gulping fluids. The other option that you could choose to solve this ear problem is by finding the OTC medication which will help to lessen the inflammation that occur on your ear and allows the eustachian tube to be opened. The last step that you should do is visiting your doctor so that you could get proper treatment for your ear problem.

Home Remedy That Could Be Used

You also could solve your blocked eustachian tube with several types of home remedy that could be found easily on your house. The most common home remedy that is used to reduce the pain that caused by this ear problem is garlic. Garlic is known for long for its benefits to relieve your pain and clear your ear from blockage. You could buy garlic oil drops products that could be found easily on the market or make it by yourself. Other home remedy that usually used for this ear problem is aromatherapy. The most common aromatherapy that could be used to solve your ear problem is eucalyptus oil. This product also could be used to prevent ear infection.

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Eustachian Tube: The Importance of Keeping Our Ears Health


Ears health often escapes our attention. As a very important sense, the ears are only treated if necessary and cleaned occasionally. Often we do not take seriously if there are minor annoyances in our hearing, whether it’s buzzing, sick, or waters that enter in our ears. Risk of ignoring hearing errors could occur serious problem, one of the worst is deafness. Sometimes we also make the mistake of cleaning the ears too deep in the supposition need to clean as much as possible, but this way of cleaning is dangerous because it might get to the middle ears part and cause injury. Ear cleaning tools that we use must be safe, the most recommended is a soft cotton bud which has a strong handle so it is not easily broken which would occur the risk of cotton is left in the ear.

Ears disorders could be classified into three kinds of disruption, which are in the eustachian tube, the outer and deafness or hearing loss due to old age. Disturbance in the central part is important to watch out because this is where a severe illness may have come. In the process of cleaning the ears, pay attention not to injure the middle area or the eustachian tube because this tube is very important for our hearing function. This tube serves to avoid hearing loss due to pressure differences that we often experience when we are in flight. This tube would open to protect our hearing, we could open it by yawning or swallowing.

Some people may have eustachian tube dysfunction usually inherited from the sort of error while birth process. Some of them have smaller tube than others and it makes them get more risk for infection. Dysfunction of this tube could also be caused by some bad habits such as smoking that could develop viruses that clog the tube and consequently buzzing our ears and become clogged. Do not underestimate ears water take in when bathing or when it rains, because the entry of water not only makes clogged ears but also could lead to infection. The doctor would usually do the cleaning action by spraying for later reissued. Treatment of ears could not be done by ourselves by doing irresponsible cleaning action, we should see a doctor for the best treatment, because the slightest mistake could injure the ear membrane which in turn could lead to deafness.

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A Dysfunction Where a Tube Connects the Nasopharynx and the Middle Ear is in Problem

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There is a part in your ear known as Eustachian tube. Actually, this tube in your ear connects the nasopharynx and the middle ear. What probably happen if there is a problem with your Eustachian tube? The possible bad problem will happen is that you will be suffered from Eustachian tube dysfunction. Usually, you will have a problem in which you hear buzzing or noise sound in your ear without uncertain cause.

The simple example is when you are landing from an air plane there is something different in your ear specifically because you can’t hear normally. Because Eustachian tube is acting as a connector in your ear so if there is something happen in this area you ear will feel the impact. Normally, your Eustachian tube will open regularly while you are chewing or swallowing. The problem appears when the Eustachian tube doesn’t open even when you are chewing or swallowing. Actually, the tube which connects the nasopharynx and the middle ear is the place where air flows around your ear to distribute a sound.

But you don’t need to worry with such kind of problem because it will be automatically disappear in certain period of time. You may test it by chewing or swallowing something. If you don’t feel any different after swallowing something it means the tube is not open normally yet. In this case, you may use medical treatment such as using decongestant nasal spray. For those who have sinus or tinnitus you have a big possibility of suffering from Eustachian tube disorder in which there is a problem in the tube which connects nasopharynx and the middle ear. Just consult to your doctor if the symptoms don’t want to disappear so you can get the right treatment. By taking the right treatment you don’t need to face more ear problem and free from such kind of dysfunction so you can hear normally.

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Natural and Medical Treatment of Eustachian Tube Dysfunction


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Do you ever feel that you are hear buzz or noise in your ear? If you feel such kind of symptom there is a possibility that you are suffered from Eustachian tube dysfunction. Before treating this kind of dysfunction you need to know the cause first. You need to know that Eustachian tube dysfunction is a kind of problem around your ear specifically on your Eustachian tube. The symptom of this dysfunction is that you will be disturbed by buzzing and noise sound. The cause of Eustachian tube dysfunction can be various including sinus, glue ear, allergies, and Eustachian tube blockages. After knowing the cause now you can learn about the treatment of eustachian tube dysfunction.

Actually, this kind of dysfunction is not too dangerous for you and you can just treat it in several ways. The simple treatment of Eustachian tube dysfunction is no treatment in which you just let the buzzing and noise sound gone. It takes few hours but in serious level the sound will stand for few weeks. If this simple treatment is not enough for you, you may try to do the next treatment of eustachian tube dysfunction. Because Eustachian tube will open when you are chewing or swallowing you may do such kind of activity.

For some people those two natural treatments are not enough to cure their Eustachian dysfunction. For medical treatment of eustachian tube dysfunction you may use decongestant nasal spray or drop, antihistamine tablet, and steroid nasal spray from your doctor. Those three medical treatments have to be done by prescription from your doctor and you have to do it based on the dosage and instruction. For example, if you are using decongestant nasal spray you not allowed doing it up to 5 or 7 days. Hopefully, by taking the right treatment you can treat your Eustachian tube dysfunction well so you can get your normal hearing again as soon as possible.

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Simple Treatments Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Symptoms


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Ear is considered as one of sensitive parts of your body. If you don’t keep it well there is a possibility that you will suffer from specific disease or even dysfunction. One important parts of your ear is Eustachian tube. This tube is connecting middle ear to your throat and it is filled by fresh air. In certain cases, Eustachian tube will open such as when you are chewing or swallowing your foods. The problem is that when your Eustachian tube is not open properly or usually called as Eustachian tube dysfunction. Of course, you need to learn more about eustachian tube dysfunction symptoms before going to the doctor.

The general symptom of this dysfunction is ear pain. The main cause of this dysfunction is because eardrum which is one part of your ear is stretched. Moreover, you also need to concern specific eustachian tube dysfunction symptoms including feeling full in your ear and tinnitus. If you feel that there is something buzzing around your ear you may predict that you are suffered from Eustachian tube dysfunction. The period of the symptoms can be various but you will feel those symptoms for few hours even few weeks.

Basically, the period of the symptoms is depending on the cause of the dysfunction itself. On thing for sure that you will hear some noises around your ear and in the next level it will disturbs your hearing. Luckily, eustachian tube dysfunction symptoms are not too dangerous for you even you don’t need to treat it because soon you can hear normally. If you think you need to treat those symptoms, you just need to use decongestant nasal spray and it has to be used based on prescription. In short, if you think it is disturbing you a lot it means you should consult to the doctor so you can get the right treatment so you don’t need to feel more serious problems with your ear.


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