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Clogged Fluid in the Eustachian Tube and Its Effect

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Eustachian tube is one of most important part of our ears. It helps you to swallow, yawn and stabilize the air pressure inside your ears. Therefore, if there’s problem on this part, you will feel many uncomfortable feeling. But, most of them are pain inside your ears. The main cause of the Eustachian tube problem is fluid in the eustachian tube. The fluid that used to be smoothly run to your throat through this tube is blocked by swollen Eustachian tube. And if you let this fluid just like that, you can get more problems in your ears later.

The clogged fluid in the eustachian tube can cause infection. Most of this case happen to children, where their Eustachian tube is still short and easily blocked when they got fever or allergic. The infection can lead to the worst case, which is Acute Otitis Media. The fluid also causes severe pain inside your ears. You won’t be able to do your activity normally and most of people who have Eustachian problem would also have hearing problem. The vibration of sound that captured by ears can’t vibrate the ears drum like it should be, because of this fluid. Fortunately, there’re many easy ways that you can do to solve this problem. Yawn or chewing gum is the simplest ways to solve it. You also can always ask help from your doctor for the solution of this problem. You will get right treatment, medication and if it’s needed, you also can have surgery for worst case that makes your Eustachian tube problem disappear.

Now, after you free from Eustachian tube problem, you need to keep your body healthy, so, you won’t get the problem anymore. And of course, if it still comes, there’re many ways to drain fluid in the eustachian tube like mentioned above. So, be healthy and stay like that forever.

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