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Things You Should Know about Blocked Eustachian Tube

Your health might be one of the most essential things in your life. You need to maintain your health properly so that you could do your daily activities and prevent yourself from several health problems. There are various types of health problem that might occur to your body. Some of them might cause bigger problems and need to be treated very carefully. One of the most common health problems is blocked eustachian tube which is occurring on your ear. Eustachian tube is the tube that connects your nose and your middle ear. This ear problem might be caused by infection, cold, or allergies. The eustachian tube that is blocked might interrupt your hearing. The sounds that you hear will be muffled and this ear problem also could cause several extreme cases of ear pain. However, like any other health problems, there is a solution for this condition.

Clear the Blockage of Eustachian Tube

To solve problems caused by blocked eustachian tube, you could do these steps. First you need to inhale deeply and pinch your nostrils using your fingers. Then you need to close your mouth and blowing the air to force it through your nose. The next step that you could do is yawn deeply. This action will allow the eustachian tube to open up temporarily which will cause the decreasing of pressure that occurs on your ear. This ear problem also could be solved by drinking fluids in large amount. When you swallow the fluids, the muscle movements that occur might help you in clearing your eustachian tube. This muscle movement might be improved by gulping fluids. The other option that you could choose to solve this ear problem is by finding the OTC medication which will help to lessen the inflammation that occur on your ear and allows the eustachian tube to be opened. The last step that you should do is visiting your doctor so that you could get proper treatment for your ear problem.

Home Remedy That Could Be Used

You also could solve your blocked eustachian tube with several types of home remedy that could be found easily on your house. The most common home remedy that is used to reduce the pain that caused by this ear problem is garlic. Garlic is known for long for its benefits to relieve your pain and clear your ear from blockage. You could buy garlic oil drops products that could be found easily on the market or make it by yourself. Other home remedy that usually used for this ear problem is aromatherapy. The most common aromatherapy that could be used to solve your ear problem is eucalyptus oil. This product also could be used to prevent ear infection.

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