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Treatment for Your Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

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Do you know that every time we swallow or breathe, there’s part inside our ears that always open and close automatically to balance the pressure inside our ears and outside air? Yes, this part is Eustachian tube. If this part works correctly, we won’t feel or have problem when we swallow, breath or yawn. However, if you have Eustachian tube dysfunction, you will feel uncomfortable. Most of uncomfortable feeling that caused by Eustachian tube dysfunction is pain, ringing and noise popping inside our ears, and in worst case, we can lose our hearing ability. But, you don’t need to worry. There’s eustachian tube dysfunction treatment you can use.

From the simplest one, you can chew gum or yawn. It can help your Eustachian tube to open its tube and stabilize the air pressure. Next, you can use this simple exercise. Close your mouth and nose with your hand and blow gently through your nose. If you hear crack or pop sound from inside of your ears that means your Eustachian tube has opened. Next eustachian tube dysfunction treatment that you can do is if all that methods can’t work. You can use heating pad. Cover it with cloth, so, it won’t too hot for your ears. It can relax the muscle and relieve the pain that caused by Eustachian tube dysfunction. And of course, it would be better, if you visit your doctor and ask about this problem. You will get medication that you can easily buy from pharmacy store or in worst case, like cancer or physical cause; you need to do surgery to open your Eustachian tube.

All of those eustachian tube dysfunction treatment and methods can help you to make your ears back to normal. You can free from pain, ringing sound in your ears and many other symptoms that caused by Eustachian tube dysfunction.


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